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Zymol Japon Starter Kit (Vinyl Version)

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Zymol Japon Starter Kit (Vinyl Version) - Application Guide

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe

  • Two full squeezes of Zymol Clear into a clean wash bucket will provide the correct concentration.
  • Fill the wash bucket with clean luke warm water.
  • Rinse your car thoroughly.
  • Wash using a Zymol wash Sponge. Start with the roof then wash the bonnet and boot and then rinse.
  • Wash the upper door panels, wings and tailgate. and then rinse.
  • Now, with your rinsed-out sponge, wash the grille, lower door panels and the wheels and rinse again.
  • Rinse your car thoroughly again then Zymol Towel or Zymol Chamois dry.
Important: Do not use soap-filled steel wool pads on the wheels or tires. These pads contain very strong sodium-based detergents.

Do not use any other type of chamois other than a Zymol Synthetic Chamois or an English Cod-tanned Chamois. All other types of chamois will remove wax.

Zymol Clear Auto Bathe is to be used in conjunction with Zymol Hand Crafted Waxes/Glazes, as this will ensure that any layers of wax applied will not be broken down.

Zymol HD-Cleanse
  • Using a clean Zymol Pre-Wax Applicator, apply the HD-Cleanse evenly but liberally onto a two or three square foot section with a straight-line, side-to-side movement, not circular.
  • Work HD-Cleanse into the finish with a medium to heavy pressure until the surface becomes slightly tacky.(approx 30 seconds.)
  • On a warm day these times will be shortened considerably thefore careful attention should be made.
  • Gently buff with a clean Zymol Towel to reveal the true, clean finish of your car.
  • The paint will feel silky smooth.
  • Repeat this process for the remaining panels on the car.
Note: Zymol HD-Cleanse is to be applied liberally. Should HD-Cleanse dry completely, or if you spread it anywhere other than the paintwork and it becomes difficult to buff, use a slightly a saturated Pre-Wax Applicator, rework the area and buff immediately. Zymol HD-Cleanse can also be applied to all alloy wheels.

Caution: Do not use circular motions when applying HD-Cleanse.

Important: Do not drive the car or allow it to stand more than 24 hours without completing the full Zymol process.(for example, completion of the wax process).

Zymol Japon Wax
  • Wash and dry the car using Zymol Clear Auto Bathe.
  • Zymol HD-Cleanse the surface to ensure 100% wax bonding.
  • Using the Zymol Wax Applicator or your hand, apply a very small amount of Japon Wax onto a 2ft x 2ft surface in an even coat with side-to-side motions.
  • Apply very small amounts of Zymol Japon Wax (approx. baked bean to kidney bean size per panel, 2-3 times for bonnet and roof) for each application.
  • Using a Zymol Microwipe, with light pressure, slowly wipe the wax in the opposite direction once, assuming a uniform coverage. Wait for 20 - 30 seconds.
  • Turn your Zymol Microwipe and, with medium pressure, slowly rub the suface to set and crystallize the Carnauba to a deep shine.
  • Ideally let the wax cure for 30-45 minutes.
Note: Zymol Japon wax is designed to provide maximum results with minimum product application. Apply small amounts of Zymol Japon wax for each application.

Caution: Do not allow Zymol Japon wax to entirely dry before wiping.

Your FREE Bottle

Zymol Vinyl Conditioner
  • Remove all loose dirt from the vinyl or rubber trim, using a mild tallow soap, such as Zymol Clear Auto Bathe.
  • If possible, warm the vinyl or rubber using a household hair dryer or by leaving it exposed to the sun for 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Shake Zymol Vinyl Conditioner slightly to mix.
  • Apply Zymol Vinyl Conditioner evenly with a dry Zymol Pre-Wax Applicator in small, even amounts, wiping in one direction only.
  • Let it stand for 20 Minutes.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Buff gently with a Zymol Towel or Zymol Microwipe to a dry lustre.

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