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DoDo Juice Wax Polish (DoDo Juice Detailing range)

Created in 2006 and expanded due to huge popular demand for quality detailing products with excellent results, which which won't break the bank, DoDo has grown to being a significant brand in detailing circles. DoDo's mould-breaking approach is finding a growing fan club, and don't be out off by the graphics - these products work very well indeed! Vertar is delighted to be appointed an Official Authorised Stockist and with product knowledge and deep stocks, can offer you overnight delivery and our legendary levels of customer service.
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DoDo SuperNatural Hybrid Paste Sealant (30ml)
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RRP: £12.95
Our Price: £10.79 (inc VAT)
You Save: £2.16 (17%)
Half wax, half sealant, Supernatural Hybrid is all things to all men in the premium boutique waxes or fashionable hi-tech sealant worlds. Excellent durability and heat resistance from this new semi-synthetic recipe, in a convenient and affordable 100ml jar. Perfect for trialling. Although Dodo Juice waxes are colour specific, any wax can be used for any colour car. The colour specific waxes make very very subtle differences and so you can rest assured you can either buy the wax for the colour, smell, or simply just because you want to. This product is not coloured. This 30ml Plastic Jar produces 2-3 layers on an average sized family car
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DoDo Juice Lime Prime Lite - non-abrasive Pre-wax Cleanser
In Stock
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RRP: £13.95
Our Price: £8.99 (inc VAT)
You Save: £4.96 (36%)
The second DoDo Juice pre-wax cleanser designed to assist in preparing good condition paint surfaces without any need for correction of swirling or light scratches. Without any microbrasives, its cleaning agents and oils will remove ingrained dirt and improve lustre even before waxing. The oil content leaves the surface glossy and smooth in readiness for the wax top-coat. Can be applied and wiped off straight away, or left to be buffed up later. Does not solidify into a difficult-to-remove cake substance, and can be applied in all weathers warm or cool. Best applied by hand, and recommended for novices or the wary.
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