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Metal & Chrome Cleaning Products

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Zymol Metall Britework Polish
In Stock
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RRP: £29.00
Our Price: £28.75 (inc VAT)
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Chromed or plated surfaces need to be treated gently, so Zymol Metall Polish was developed specifically for automotive brightwork. Common brightwork metals include stainless steel, aluminium, nickel and others, all of which are susceptible to damage by salt corrosion, engine oils, acids and other environmental exposure. Zymol Metall Polish has a special blend of oils that gently remove the tarnish and discolouration caused by exposure to the elements.
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Customer Rating Average Customer Rating: 4 out of 5  for the Zymol Metall Britework Polish

Race Glaze AluBright Deoxidiser
In Stock
Usually ships in 24 Hours

Our Price: £12.00 (inc VAT)
A powerful degreaser and restoration product ideal for cleaning and restoring cars and motorbikes. Dissolves corrosion and removes white oxidation from steel, alloy and most metals within minutes. Far more effective than most similar products, ideal for engine parts such as engine blocks, turbochargers, pipework, cooling fins on motorcycle engines - anywhere you need to get back to the original finish. Ideal for Concours preparation of engine bays where a quick spray and brush will remove white degradation easily.
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Race Glaze JetLaq Metal Sealant
In Stock
Usually ships in 24 Hours

Our Price: £8.99 (inc VAT)
A modern alternative to engine laquer, a sealant for cleaned or polished engine parts. Use to protect & enhance electrical and metal surfaces, disperse water and help prevent rust forming. Leaves a long lasting glossy Vaseline-like protective film. Withstands 200 degree heat. Reduces electrical problems caused by moisture in stored cars or those kept unused outside. Suitable for all alloys, iron, aluminium, nickel, steel, anodised surfaces and alloy wheels. Ideal for car, motorcycle and other vehicle collections and when laying up a vehicle. Simply spray onto polished surfaces such as radiator grilles on classics, exposed alloy or metal parts such as on motorcycle engines and wheels and in car engine bays, on restored or refurbished castings like gearboxes, engine blocks and carbs etc. JetLaq will provide a flexible protective skin over the surface which will prevent oxidation and discolouration, and protect your metalwork, sealing it against the elements and discolouration.
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Race Glaze Glass & Chrome Polish
In Stock
Usually ships in 24 Hours

Our Price: £7.99 (inc VAT)
Glass and chrome need the same properties in a polish. An abrasive that is strong enough to remove the stains and debris, but one that breaks down, so as not to scratch the hard surface it is being applied to. Traditional metal polishes are far too coarse for quality Chrome on classic cars (bumpers, lights, door handles, rubbing trim strips etc) and once the microscopically thin layer becomes scratched, it is the beginning of a continual deterioration that cannot be reversed.
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Race Glaze AluTech Metal Polish
In Stock
Usually ships in 24 Hours

Our Price: £6.99 (inc VAT)
A strong and effective paste polish for metal. Designed to remove scratches, stains and discolouration from alloy and stainless metal car parts such as exhausts, wheels (highly polished or split rims), pipework, carbs and heat shields. It works wonders on brass too. A small amount worked in with a soft cotton cloth or pad will give very fast results, final polishing with much lighter pressure will give a perfect finish. It is therefore very economical in use. The polish comes with a tough foam polishing applicator.
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