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Convertible Rear Screen Care

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Hindsight Convertible Rear Screen Cleaner & Preserver Kit
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Our Price: £45.00 (inc VAT)
Hindsight has been developed by a world-leading company which has specialised in the use of plastics for over thirty years. It is used principally on cars but can be used on boats and light aircraft. Hindsight restores most plastic windows to virtually new condition by removing scuffs, surface damage and opaque areas. It is a unique product which gives results in 30 minutes. Most convertible cars with a plastic rear screen suffer from the problem of the screen turning milky, opaque, scuffed and unsightly. This reduces rear vision, increases the risk of an accident and detracts from the appearance of the car reducing its value. This can be easily and inexpensively resolved by using Hindsight Plastic Restorer. Hindsight was a winner of the John Logie Baird awards for innovation Hindsight Convertible screen polish and restorer resolves the problem of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good hood - it has been tried and tested on a range of cars and impressive results have been seen on: Alfa Romeo - Spider Audi - 80, cabriolet Bentley - Azure, Continental BMW - E30, E36, Z3, Z4, Z8 Caterham Fiat - Barchetta Lotus - Elan Honda - S2000 Mazda - MX5 Mercedes - SL, SLK MG - MGF, MGTF Peugeot - 205, 305, 206, 306 Porsche - 911 (993, 964, 996) Renault - 19, Megane Rolls Royce - Corniche Rover - 216 Suzuki TVR - Chimaera Hindsight not only cleans your windscreen but also protects the plastic, providing prolonged clarity of vision.
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Our Price: £25.00 (inc VAT)
Why plastic rear screens go brittle, milky and discoloured and how to restore them. Clear vinyl windows are made flexible by plasticisers that are easily leached from the surface. Solvents and unsuitable cleaners speed the process, leading to brittleness. Cloudiness and discolouring are caused by dirt, microscopic scratches and contaminants that penetrate the very soft surface of the vinyl. Wax and oil cause cloudiness and yellowing, so waxy dressings should be rigorously avoided. Deterioration of vinyl is accelerated by UV in sunlight, and unlike coloured vinyls, plastic windows have very little protection. The solution is to remove scratches and contamination and then, most importantly, to protect the surface with a coating that inhibits loss of plasticisers and provides UV protection. The solution is Screensheen, proven in a variety of tough environments on plastic screens. It Removes scratches and scuffs Restores transparency Protects against loss of plasticisers and UV damage Is also suitable for Acrylic The product is easy to use and the results are impressive much cheaper than buying a new screen too, which will usually leak due to mismatch of stitching holes. It's a simple three step process. 1. MicroBuff paste takes out visible scratches 2. MicroClear removes microscopic abrasion marks and haze to restore transparency 3. MicroGlaze provides an optical coating that improves clarity, protects against UV damage and inhibits the loss of plasticisers. The treated surface is antistatic and repels dirt so that it stays clean longer. A Kit contains everything you need to improve about 6 screens - applicator cloths and 75ml each of MicroBuff, MicroClear and MicroGlaze.
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Customer Rating Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5  for the ScreenSheen

Renovo Clear Plastic and Window Polish
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Renovo Clear Plastic and Window Polish is a great one step cleaner and polish that will remove or reduce clouding, fine scratches and help restore the transparency to all clear plastic. Shake the bottle well and apply a very small amount to a soft, 100% cotton flannel or Blu-Velvet Microfiber buffing/polishing cloth, work into the surface with moderate pressure, until all that remains is a faint haze. Burnish to a shine with another soft, 100% cotton flannel or Microfibre buffing/polishing cloth. Some areas may require 2-3 applications. Use on convertible rear windows, lens covers, brake lights, headlight covers, motorcycle fairings, airplane windows, bug deflectors, helmet visors, Lexan, Plexiglas, acrylic, etc. The absolute best product we have found to remove the "hazing" from clear plastic headlight covers. If hand application does not remove the clouding, Renovo Plastic Polish may also be applied with a small buffer or electric drill and a soft foam buffing pad. Burnish to a shine with a soft, 100% cotton flannel or Blu-Velvet Microfiber buffing/polishing cloth.
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Customer Rating Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5  for the Renovo Clear Plastic and Window Polish

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