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Blackfire Detailing range (Blackfire Detailing range)

Vertar are appointed (April 2010) the first UK reseller of the US Blackfire car care system. The range of new brand products coming out of the USA is bewildering, and Blackfire has only been available so far from the sole UK Importer, but as established UK detailers, their reputation for awesome quality gives it an edge over other systems. Vertar have been very impressed with the results we've seen from this very hi-tech sealant and carnauba-based range. In our opinion Blackfire brings something new and worthwhile to UK detailers.
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Blackfire Total Eclipse Tyre & Wheel Cleaner (20oz)
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RRP: £20.95
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BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tyre Gel darkens and conditions rubber to restore the look of new tyres. This thick, water-based tyre dressing provides a natural, matte look with one coat or a high gloss finish with two coats. BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tyre Gel is manufactured using the latest standards in safety and performance. The formula is water-based and solvent-free. Solvents can dry out rubber and silicones can turn brown. Blackfire have avoided these harmful ingredients and instead used newer, VOC-compliant compounds that offer great looks with none of the drawbacks. BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tyre Gel dries quickly and does not sling after application. Our unique formula bonds to the rubber for a lasting satin shine. One coat will create a low-gloss, natural-looking finish. Two coats will yield a high gloss finish. BLACKFIRE Total Eclipse Tyre Gel will NOT attract dust like some silicone tyre dressings. Application is easy. Wipe on a thin coat of the Gel and wipe off any excess with a towel. Use it on all interior and exterior rubber and vinyl, too! 16 oz.
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Blackfire Advanced Pad Conditioner
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RRP: £14.95
Our Price: £10.99 (inc VAT)
You Save: £3.96 (26%)
BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner makes machine detailing easier by reducing friction between the pad and the paint. Products glide on more smoothly and the paint is protected from dry buffing. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner reduces skipping or sticking of the pad. Dry buffing is what happens when a pad hasn't been primed. There is no lubrication between the pad and the paint to reduce friction. Even though there is polish on the pad, it takes several passes for the polish to completely cover the pad. In the meantime, you're dry buffing the paint! The result is fine scratches. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner prevents dry buffing by moistening the pad face (priming the pad). It acts as a lubricant to eliminate the friction between the pad and the paint. In addition, BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner opens up the foam's pores to accept the polish so it disperses evenly over the pad face. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner will not interfere with the performance of any polish, car wax, or sealant. It will not react with any solvents or chemical cleaners found in any polish, and it will not dilute products if used as directed. Just like any lubricant, BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner will gradually diminish as you polish. BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner is designed to prime all foam and wool pads. Before any other product touches your buffing pad, use BLACKFIRE Advanced Pad Conditioner first. Size: 20 oz. (591ml)
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"Absolutely excellent products - I have renovated my car roof and used the waterproofing too - it looks like new!"

S. Watts, Taunton, Somerset, April 2007

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