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Restoring Faded Fabric Hoods

Renovo Fabric Soft Top Reviver
If your fabric top has faded and is looking “washed out”, then you may consider re-dying the fabric. Renovo Fabric Soft Top Reviver is a permanent, water based dye that may be applied with either a nylon paint brush, a disposable foam brush, a small foam roller or an air brush and dries in 2-3 hours. Badly faded tops may require a second coat.

Clean the surface thoroughly with Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner. It is extremely important to thoroughly clean the fabric prior to applying the dye. If there are any traces of top protectant or dirt on the top, the dye will not be absorbed evenly and your top will have streaks or splotches.

Fabric top protectants are designed to waterproof the fabric and Renovo Soft Top Reviver is water based, so it will not penetrate areas that still have any traces of a previous coating of top protectant. Shake the Renovo Fabric Soft Top Cleaner well and pour into a suitable container. Spread the cleaner evenly over the entire top with a sponge, clean 2” inch nylon paint brush, disposable foam brush or small foam paint roller. GENTLY agitate the cleaner with a sponge, soft cloth or soft brush. Stubborn stains may require an additional application of Renovo Cleaner and additional gentle brushing. Be careful not to allow any brush to come in contact with the rear plastic window, as it may scratch the window.

To remove the cleaner, either hose off or wipe off with a wet sponge, continually rinsing the sponge in clean water. Once all traces of the cleaner have been rinsed completely, then allow it to dry completely. Use a quality paint masking tape and plastic drop cloths or newspaper to mask off the rear window, the glass and paint. Remove all traces of lint with a lint roller or the sticky side of plastic packing tape. (If you want your top to look like a fuzzy angora sweater, then skip this step.) Pour the Fabric Soft Top Reviver into a clean plastic cup or other suitable container. Start the application at the center section of the front of the top. Work from side to side, progressing towards the back, maintaining a “wet edge” as you work towards the rear. (The technique is similar to painting with water based paint). Immediately remove any drips on the paint, glass or trim with a wet cloth.

If the top is badly faded, apply a second coat after allowing the first coat to dry for 24 hours. Allow the final coat to dry for 24 hours and then follow with a coat of Renovo Fabric Ultra Proofer to protect and prolong the life of your new looking top.

Remove all traces of lint with a lint roller or the sticky side of plastic packing tape. Pour the Ultra Proofer into a clean plastic cup or other suitable container and stir well. Apply the Ultra Proofer with either a 2” wide nylon paint brush, a disposable foam brush, a small foam paint roller or an air brush. Brush or spray on a thin, even coat along each of the seams. Then, starting at the center of the front edge of the top, apply a thin, even coat to the entire top working from side to side towards the rear of the top. Immediately remove any drips on the paint, glass or trim with a wet cloth. Remove all masking and allow the Renovo Fabric Soft Top Ultra Proofer to completely dry for 24 hours before folding the top.

DO NOT use on vinyl or vinyl impregnated fabric tops. If you are in doubt as to your top material, consult the auto or top manufacturer.

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