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Race Glaze Clearmist Detailer

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Race Glaze Clearmist Detailer - Press Cuttings

Detailing World Official Review, April 2010: Rated: 100%

Once again I found this to be an AMAZING product to use - it spritzed on easily. It is hard to truly test this product as it is always put on after other products but I did find it added an extra glossiness to the finish after the polish and dirt definitely does not stick to the paint. I also found water did not stay on the paint either but instead ran off smoothly and effortlessly.
I would think I could get 12-14 cars out of this bottle.

I can talk for hours about my findings but to be honest there is only one question I need to answer. Would I buy this product and use it on regular details ?

YES indeed. Once again as the pictures show, maximum results for minimum effort. This jeep had finish comparable to a well detailed car and in total I would have spent no more than 2 hours doing this (less if I did not stop to take pictures). Yes, it may be the layering that has added to the overall finish, but then this is how the product is meant to be used. I used it both as a finish to LSP application as a final wipe down and as a drying aid after washing and the results were both the same an excellent product indeed....

I rate this product 100%, depending on how it lasts....

Reviewer #2: Overall DW rating: 98%
Ease of use:
This product is incredibly easy to use. I used it in conjunction with a Eurow microfibre and sprayed it directly on the panel and wiped with the towel before going over with a final buff. I found this was an incredibly easy way to apply the product and left great results.

The spray head gives total control over the amount of product used and is perfect for the product.
WOW! This quick detailer is fantastic, leaving a nice shine and adding that little bit of wetness to boot. As the pictures show, there is an incredible shine produced after a final wipedown with this product. It must be said also that this product was usable on black trim too and left that looking good also.

I'd say this product is incredible value for money for the type that it is. Slightly more expensive than other QDs in the market, and isn't a dilute it yourself but that doesn't detract from the value of this product. Due to the fine mist sprayer you can create a fine spray which uses little product to mist over a panel. I'd anticipate this bottle to last longer than those with convential sprays as the RG product eliminates overuse through this fine spray. And so in that respect I would consider it good value for money if you are looking for that special QD.

Excellent, Raceglaze have done it again. Great product, easy to use, good value and certainly performs high. Using the Raceglaze products as a system, this could quite happily be used in between waxes to create that just waxed look for little effort. I'd anticipate you could finish an exterior in under an hour if a no rinse wash was to be utilised. Due to it being carnuaba based I wouldn't use it as a drying aid as it would prove expensive in the long run.

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