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Today, 22 January 2015

Mercedes-Benz to push future technology
After the launch of its F015 concept, Mercedes says the key to complex new tech is to make it relevant and palatable to customers Harnessing technology without overwhelming passengers will be key to the future of the car, according to Mercedes-Benz head of design Gorden Wagener.Speaking following the launch of the Mercedes F015 - a concept looking at how cars of the future could look and drive - at the Consumer Electronics Show, Wagener said: “Car makers will be differentiated by how they use the technology. There are lots of smartphone manufacturers, but only one Apple. At Mercedes we want to define modern luxury, and the technology cannot be overwhelming.“Digital advances are incredible but often very complex. At an extreme, a user may be asked to trust an autonomous car with their safety. How we build that relationship between a car and its occupants puts a lot of emphasis on design, materials and the simplicity of the interaction.“That extends from how systems operate through to the exterior look of the car. Our concept is about taking things away - having an overly exaggerated face or aggressive headlights won’t send the right message. You don’t want an autonomous car to look like it’s going to chase down the motorway; that doesn’t lend trust or look cool. Cars will need to look trustworthy and use all of the technology in a very useable way.”Get the latest car news, reviews and galleries from Autocar direct to your inbox every week. Enter your email address below: