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Yesterday, 19 September 2016

Improved Renault Kwid scores one star in Global NCAP crash testing
The Renault Kwid – India’s car of the year – has achieved a one-star Global NCAP crash test rating, despite a series of improvements to the latest model The Renault Kwid – one of Renault’s most successful models in the Indian market - has been awarded a one-star Global NCAP crash test rating despite . Renault applied a series of improvements to the Kwid since it was initially tested, when it scored a zero-star rating from NCAP. It has since submitted the version with the highest level of safety for testing, and despite the changes, it still only scored one star. In Euro NCAP’s classification, a five-star crash safety rating signifies: “Overall good performance in crash protection. Well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology”, while one star means “Marginal crash protection”. To achieve a two-star rating in Europe, the Kwid would have had to have displayed “Nominal crash protection”, although it would still be void of any crash avoidance technology, such as automatic emergency braking. Under the same two-level testing procedure in Europe, Global NCAP first tests a car in base spec, without the addition of any optional safety equipment, then tests it in its safest possible form. The Honda Mobilio was also tested under this system, and initially scored zero stars for adult protection, but once it had been fitted with double airbags, it scored three stars in the same category.