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Yesterday, 12 March 2015

VW damps euro profits hopes
Carmaker dented by sharp falls in the Russian rouble

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McLaren can give P1 GTRs retro liveries
Stumping up £2m for a 986bhp track-only hyper-hybrid entitles you to throwback paint jobs. What would you choose?

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Porsche Cayman GT4
Porsche's mid-engined sports car receives 'GT' treatment for the first time in its history It's “old school, but not outdated.” That’s how Andreas Preuninger, gaffer of Porsche’s GT cars, thinks the new Porsche Cayman GT4 feels. And as we’ll discover, he’s not wrong.I suspect Preuninger is a man unaccustomed to being wrong, but nonetheless he and his Porsche colleagues felt they took a risk launching this car. They genuinely weren’t certain there was a market for a £64,451 Cayman that had received the ‘GT’ treatment - the specialism of Porsche’s Weissach-based team.But the fact that, if you left it until the GT4 was officially announced to try to order one, you were too late by the order of months, suggests that there was quite a demand for it after all.As well there might be. The Cayman GT4 is the first Cayman to have been gifted with more power than a contemporary 911. In short, it has a current 911 Carrera S engine - a 3.8-litre flat six, making 380bhp.The powerplant has been spun through 180 degrees from its rear-mounted 911 home to sit in the middle of the car and drive the back wheels through a standard Cayman GTS six-speed manual gearbox. It has a 1.4kg lighter flywheel and some ancillaries have been relocated, but internally it is precisely the same as when it left a Carrera S. And there’s no PDK dual-clutch automatic option.The rest of the GT4’s hardware changes are somewhat more bespoke. We’ll take it from the front backwards. The GT4 is 34mm longer than a standard Cayman, because the nose is bigger. That engine demands more cooling, and reprofiling the front end has allowed the GT4 to be the first Cayman to generate genuine downforce both front and rear.The front suspension comes from the current 911 GT3, sits 30mm lower than a standard

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2016 Ford Focus RS - engine, on-sale date and new video
The new Focus RS is powered by a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine Third-generation all-wheel-drive Ford Focus RS will powered by a 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine producing 316bhp, and will come with launch control and a 'drift' button The new Ford Focus RS will come with a 'drift' button and a launch control function when it goes on sale in 2016.The third-generation hot hatchback, which will be powered by a turbocharged 2.3-litre engine producing “more than 316bhp”, received its first public at the Geneva motor show earlier this month. The Focus RS will channel its power through a variable all-wheel drive system as part of a raft of technical innovations designed to make it the highest-performing RS model yet built.The so-called All-Wheel-Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring system is by far the most significant mechanical upgrade for the RS over other Focuses, including the ST.It is also a surprise because the early indications where that Ford had decided to stick with a two-wheel drive system for the car after trying both set-ups during development work led by Europe’s Ford Performance division. Ford claims the system provides “class-leading corner speed, limit handling and a unique drift capability”. See the new RS in action in Ford's video, below.