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Yesterday, 08 April 2015

Why travel sickness could put the brakes on driverless cars
Age-old problem of travel sickness threatens the hoped-for benefits of letting a computer take the wheel in autonomous cars

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Radical SR1 Cup race diary: is it too soon to quit the day job?
A first (semi) competitive outing in the Radial SR1 Cup results in two trophies If you’ve already scrolled through the pictures that go with this blog, you’ll know there's a happy ending.My first bit of ‘light’ competition in the Radical SR1 Cup car ended up with me taking home not one but two trophies. Go me, or something - but more on that later.Bedford Autodrome was the location for the second day of my racing 'career' (I haven't handed in my notice at Autocar just yet…). To recap, I’ve been invited to do a season in the guest car in the SR1 Cup, an entry-level, low-cost, one-make race series for novices that’s a stepping stone onto the Radical motorsport racing ladder.After a test session at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago, it was off to Bedford for what’s called a ‘How Fast’ session. This is an hour of free practice on Bedford’s West Circuit, followed by three laps against the clock in a shootout to see who’s fastest when a bit of pressure is applied.I've never been to Bedford before. The site encompasses four circuits and is used solely as a test venue and for track days. That means there’s no need for it to meet race regulations, so in turn there are no trackside barriers or gravel run-off areas. That means you can really push the car up to and beyond its limits if you so choose, and the worst that can happen is that you'll end up in a field with a bit of damaged pride.At Snetterton, I’d had the whole day to get to know the car and the circuit, and there was no competitive element at the end. The reverse was true at Bedford: the pre

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"Let’s not forget it’s a key time for the car industry"
Opinion 8 Apr, 2015 A critical Election is looming - deputy editor Graham Hope asks who is on the side of the motorist

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New MG GS SUV spied testing
UK sales of MG's first production SUV are planned for 2016, but it will go on sale in China later this year The MG GS SUV has been spotted testing in the UK by an Autocar reader ahead of going on sale early in 2016.The new five-seat SUV was first previewed by the CS concept at the Shanghai motor show in 2013. It is set to go on sale in China this May, with a UK introduction earmarked for early 2016, according to officials from MG parent company Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC).According to the DVLA, the car spotted is a 1.5-litre petrol-engined MG. It was seen undergoing road trials in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire.The production version of the GS was styled under the stewardship of MG design boss Anthony Williams-Kenny, in a collaboration between the company’s Shanghai and Longbridge design teams.The first-ever MG SUV adheres closely to the look of the well-received CS concept, with a highly contemporary look featuring a clear family resemblance to the recently introduced MG3, MG5 and MG6.Key styling elements include a simple grille featuring the traditional octagonal Morris Garages badge, a heavily adorned two-tone front bumper, trapezoidal headlights, sheer surfacing, structured flanks, blacked-out pillars and an angled tailgate.At 4500mm in length, 1855mm in width and 1675mm in height, the GS is 73mm longer, 46mm wider and 8mm lower than the Volkswagen Tiguan.While earlier speculative repo

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Kia Sorento
Kia's seven-seat Sorento SUV is now in its third generation Can the new SUV live up to the high aspirations that Kia has for it? The progressive, clean-cut design that has fuelled Audi’s meteoric success as a premium car brand has many imitators but none that is linked quite as widely and frequently with it as Kia.Having spent the formative years of his career as a designer working for Audi, the architect of Kia’s current design identity, Peter Schreyer, could hardly have prevented a little of his own Bavarian schooling rubbing off on the saloons, hatchbacks and crossovers that he has authored so boldly for his Korean employers.And to be fair, almost a decade after Schreyer’s appointment, there’s as much that’s distinctive and original-looking about Kia’s production models as there are cues ‘borrowed’ from you know who.But the time for imitation-based flattery is now over. ‘Phase II’ of Kia’s coming of age is kicking in with this, the third-generation Sorento seven-seat SUV. And, says Kia, Audi has as much to fear as anyone from where this chapter will take the firm.Writ large in the press material for this new car is a statement of quite extraordinary ambition from a car maker that, in relatively recent memory, was peddling models as rough and basic as the Pride and Magentis.In this new chapter of its development, Kia’s aim is “to match and surpass not only customer expectations but also the world’s best car manufacturers for engineering, technology, refinement and quality”. However much they’ve improved already, that’s a mountain to climb.But apparently, the ascent starts here. The new Sorento is the first Kia designed and developed with new emphasis on mechanical and technological advancement

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Audi plans Prologue Allroad concept for Shanghai motor show
Audi's Prologue concept cars preview the firm's next generation of models High-riding Prologue concept car will be revealed at the Shanghai motor show later this month, previewing the next generation of Audi's Allroad models Audi is planning to reveal a third Prologue concept car at the Shanghai motor show later this month in the form of a high-riding Allroad variant, sources close to the German car maker reveal.The Prologue Allroad builds on the stylistic foundations of the two-door Prolouge Coupé shown at the Los Angeles motor show last November and the five-door Prologue Avant revealed at the Geneva motor show in March, providing clues to the look of the eighth-generation A6 Allroad set for launch in 2018.Styled at Audi's main design studio in Ingolstadt and overseen by Marc Lichte, the latest Prologue is set to receive a number of typical Allroad design touches, including increased ground clearance, beefed up bumpers with protection plates, cladding within the wheel arches and aluminium roof bars. Inside, there are more rugged looking design elements, according to insiders privy to the new concept.  In other Shanghai motor show news, Audi is planning to showcase a new plug-in petrol-elec

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New Tesla Model S 70D on the way
News 8 Apr, 2015 Tesla Model S 70D is a new entry-level four-wheel drive model costing from £54,500 with a range of 275 miles

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This is Citroen’s barmy Aircross SUV
French firm previews a potential soft-roader with this rufty-tufty, tech-laden concept. Like it?

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Rolls-Royce SUV: your first look
This chopped, winged Phantom is Rolls’ engineering mule for its upcoming luxury 4x4. But why?

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New entry-level Tesla Model S revealed
Tesla refreshes its entry-level offering with the all-new 70D replacing the two-wheel drive 60 Tesla has introduced a new-entry level version of its Model S.The new Model S 70D replaces the S 60 as the starting point for Tesla ownership. The 70D has several improvements over the 60S. The 70D has a further 60 miles of range, is more than half-a-second faster to 60mph and has a top speed of 140mph, 20mph greater than the S 60. It is also has two motors, making it four-wheel drive, leaving only the single-motor 85 model as a two-wheel drive option. The new model is also capable of hooking up to roadside Superchargers as standard and has adaptive cruise control and sat-nav as standard; these were all cost options on the S 60.The addition of this extra kit does nudge up the entry point pricing for prospective Tesla owners, however. The 70D starts at £54,500 - some £4,220 dearer than the model it replaces, once the government grant for plug-in cars is taken into account.Get the latest car news, reviews and galleries from Autocar direct to your inbox every week. Enter your email address below:

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Nürburgring GT3 ban lifted, reforms imposed
Safety measures are put in place at the Nürburgring following last month’s fatal crash and subsequent GT3 ban The German motor sport association (DMSB) has lifted the ban on GT3 cars at the Nürburgring and implemented a series of new safety regulations.A ban on the most potent cars, including GT3 cars, was implemented at the Nürburgring after Jann Mardenborough’s Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 crashed into spectators. The accident killed one spectator and injured two more during the VLN Endurance Championship race when the car became airborne and landed in a spectator area.Speed limits of 124mph several hundred metres before Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz and Antoniusbuche, and 155mph on the Dottinger Hohe straight have been implemented for the time being. The limits have been introduced to reduce the likelihood of cars leaving the track and becoming airborne and will be enforced by GPS monitoring. There will be heavy penalties for those breaking the speed limit.The top classes of cars will also face a 5% reduction in power under the new regulations, and spectator access to Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz, Metzgesfeld and Pflanzgarten will be restricted while changes are made to the viewing area.The restrictions are in place while the DMSB investigates the incident and a team of experts compiles "medium-term solutions" while allowing competitive use of the circuit to continue.By Jimi BeckwithGet the latest car news, reviews and galleries from Autocar direct to your inbox every week. Enter your email address below: